Saturday, September 12, 2009

#5 Google Docs

Funny how I've always been aware of all these added features of Google, but only ever take the time to investigate them when an urgent need arises, as has been the case previously with Google Maps, Calendar, Picasa and SketchUp.

So now I've had a play with Google Docs I can see some great uses. Can't wait to introduce my high school aged sons to this feature so they can no longer use the "I forgot to save it to my usb" line when working on assignments at school or home!

I had a bit of fun creating some new business cards for school and a daily planner/to do list for myself. This I thought I could share with my boss at work .. but had second thoughts on that ... way too dangerous if she's able to add jobs willy-nilly to my list of things to do! The template feature is great - although I hope I can figure out a way to weed out all the foreign language ones.

Anyway, I'm keen to investigate further so I'll be off...


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