Saturday, September 12, 2009

#8 iGoogle

Now this is a tool for me! Having all those commonly used sites and features customisable on my homepage really appeals to me. I had heard of iGoogle but not explored it before - I'm hooked already. News, weather, sports, quotes of the day, the odd quick game or two, facebook updates, maps, google docs .... and some of the fun gadgets I'll be having fun with! Not to mention the most used of all ... google search right there at the top ready to go! I like the tabs down the side which a quick click leads to lots of relevant sites to further explore.

One gadget I would use regularly at work, along with Google docs, is a Thesaurus search. I'm often stuck for the right word and having a quick search utility right there on the home page is great.

As for working at Google ... yes please! If the videos are to be believed, working in IT in a casual relaxed atmosphere full of happy workmates ... I can see myself there!

Thanks for introduction to iGoogle ... I'm off to delve a little deeper!


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