Saturday, October 17, 2009

#9 Virtually Online

Hmmm... I think I need a heck of a lot more time to explore virtual reality before I feel qualified to comment. (Unfortunately time is that precious commodity that none of us are rich in!). I had a good look around Second Life, watched the videos, read some reviews, I even signed up thinking it would all make more sense if I actually tried it out - but alas, I'm still bamboozled!

I am having trouble seeing the advantages in education -with facilities such as video-conferencing, online content, email and instant messaging to cater for distance education, why the need for virtual world learning? Is it just to keep up with the 'in thing' and interact with students in their fantasy world because that's where they appear to 'live' these days?

There is of course scope for limitless imagination and creativity, and the world is certainly opened up for all to explore. Like I said, I need much more time to discover what is there and how it can be used. There is no doubt that a technological, hands-on approach to learning is the way of the future.

Exit Reality seems to me just another high tech toy, but I'm obviously missing something there too. As for World of Warcraft - well the name of that is enough to scare me! I have never quite embraced the whole 'role-playing' game stuff. All a bit sci-fi for me. Again the exercise of imagination and creativity has its advantages, but too many seem to be oblivious to the real world vs virtual world boundaries. Step out onto the lawn and feel the grass between your toes people!!


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