Wednesday, November 11, 2009

#15 RSS

Excellent. I love the idea of having a "summary" of updates to my favourite or most visited sites all there on the one page to quickly browse through for an idea of what's happening - whether it's the world of news in general, a specialty topic (sport, education, weather ....) or just the latest posting from an interesting personal blog.

So quick and easy to set up once you know what it's all about - and those video tutorials are so clear and to the point.

I can certainly see some uses for RSS feeds in education, mainly (without putting in too much thought into it at this late hour of the night!) in keeping up to date with latest curriculum changes (one ofthe recommendations was the Board of Studies feed); new resources; special needs; technological developments ... the list is probably endless!

One thought that just occurred is that it would be a great way to keep the school community informed of school website updates - rather than relying on students/parents/staff to check the website regularly. Must give that one some more thought.

I'm sure there are many, many ways this tool could be used in the education industry.


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